Smartpayit - Your Phone, Your Money, You're in Control.

The Smartpayit Merchant Banking Facilities is the most recent App based product to be delivered by Australia Power Control Systems P/L Group of Companies. APCS has a strong track record spanning 15 years delivering sophisticated data services, electronic solutions and wireless infrastructure.

Smartpayit combines the power of Quick Response (QR) Codes, Mobile App Technology and Hi-Speed Internet to provide instant 'on-the-spot' transactions from off line invoices.

The Smartpayit App allows consumers and businesses to simply scan an invoice containing one of the specially developed QR codes (eg. your rates notice) then all the details of that invoice appears on your mobile device. Then it is simply a matter of entering your email and credit card details and pressing Pay!

A lost or misplaced smart phone or Smartpayit Merchant Banking Cloud Facility cannot reveal customer credit card numbers. Unique security within the Smartpayit App verifies each Smartpayit QR Code for credibility and trustworthiness to protect against any 'hi-jacking' attempts and cannot reveal usable customer credit card numbers. Specially developed Smartpayit Codes are safer and far more secure than generic industry codes.

Smartpayit QR Codes can be applied directly to products, objects or any form of visual media from newspapers, magazines, sales catalogues, posters or billboards, television, cinema advertisements or any other media.

In fact Smartpayit can even be used to order a coffee from your table at your favorite coffee shop without the need to speak to a waitperson.

Smartpayit is not confined by state, national or international boundaries, Smartpayit heralds a new generation in Merchant Banking Facilities because the cutting-edge technology of Smartpayit is not offered by any other Merchant Facilities. Smartpayit is a National Australia Bank Aggregation Partner of Merchant Facilities delivering new technology not currently offered anywhere else in the world.

The Smartpayit technology is not just an idea it is currently operational and rolling into market. Consumer feedback so far has been highly favorable and we expect this to continue as new and improved versions of the Smartpayit App are released.

SmartPayit - Safe, Secure, Simple Mobile Payments Solution!