Our company motto is 'Make life simple!'

Our goal is to make the payment process as streamlined and user friendly as possible for both customers and businesses. That goal has been realised with the Smartpayit App - a world first Mobile Payment System.

The Smartpayit Merchant Banking Facilities is an App based product that is changing the way consumers pay accounts and store receipt records.

The Smartpayit App allows consumers and businesses to scan an invoice containing a specially developed Smartpayit QR Code then have all the details of that invoice appear on a mobile device. Then it is simply a matter of entering your email and credit card information and pressing Pay!

A payment receipt is then sent to your email address. Smartpayit enhances the customer experience through immediate interactive response sales.

Smartpayit is an Aggregation Partner with National Australia Bank Master Merchant Facilitator. Smartpayit is not confined by state, national or international boundaries. The Smartpayit App is the new generation in Merchant Banking Facilities because the cutting-edge technology of Smartpayit is not offered by any other Merchant Facilities.

Smartpayit technology can be applied directly to products, objects, any form of visual media from newspapers, magazines, sales catalogues, posters, billboards, television or cinema advertisements in fact any media.

Smartpayit technology has been successfully tested on printed invoices, advertisements, billboards, on television commercials and vending machines.

Smartpayit convenience will soon allow a customer to pre-order and pay for their coffee before arriving at the store. Alternatively, an in store customer will be able to order and pay for their food and drinks directly from the table without the need to wait for table service or speak to a waitperson.

Wherever you are Smartpayit is your mobile 'on the spot' payment solution!

Smartpayit would like to offer you the opportunity to be a leader in the Mobile Payment Market. To find out how we can assist you with the world of Mobile Payments contact us at info@smartpayit.com.au OR Call 1300 300 546.