Smartpayit - Safe, Secure, Simple Mobile Payments Solution!

Mobile has become the platform for 21st century life through communication, entertainment and now payments! And Smartpayit is the Solution for smart phones and smart people anywhere, anytime! This amazing app allows you and your smart phone to take control of everyday bills safely and securely. Smartpayit is by far the safest, easiest, fastest way for managing and paying accounts on mobile devices.

Smartpayit is a near- real time payment method for both Rate Notices and Water Accounts using individual QR Codes to carry all the essential encoded data such as Account Name, Account References and Amount Due.

The National Australia Bank and Smartpayit are Aggregation Partner Merchant Banking Facilities delivering new technology not offered anywhere else in the world.

Smartpayit will feature as a payment option on Coffs Harbour City Council Rate Notices from October 2013. Coffs Harbour City Council is leading the way for other smart cities in Australia by becoming a Smartpayit rollout partner.

Using the Smartpayit App on your smart phone allows you to scan and pay an account within seconds. Scan any unique Smartpayit QR Code and you can begin that transaction. The bill information appears on screen, The Amount, What it's For and Who it's From. Enter your preferred payment option then Press Pay - Your Done!

A receipt of each Smartpayit payment is immediately sent back to your email. No clerical intervention is necessary for receipting, banking, payment posting. National and International transactions are instant and reporting is near-real time.

Smartpayit Data easily interfaces with sophisticated accounting systems and is highly refined when compared with other Merchant Facilities currently available.

A lost or misplaced smart phone or the Smartpayit Merchant Banking Cloud Facility cannot reveal customer credit card numbers. The Smartpayit App verifies each Smartpayit Code for credibility and trustworthiness, for protection against any 'hi-jacking' attempts and cannot reveal usable customer credit card numbers. Smartpayit Codes are safer and far more secure than generic industry codes.

Mobile is the fastest growth sector in the world with predictions of a huge market for remote mobile payments using smart phones and QR Codes by 2015.

Mobile Payment Benefits include, Improved convenience for customers, Improved collection process, Reduce cash collection, Processing cost reductions, Reduced payment errors, Greater customer self service.

Smartpayit would like to offer you the opportunity to be a leader in the Mobile Payment Market. To find out how we can assist you with the world of Mobile Payments contact us at info@smartpayit.com.au OR Call 1300 300 546.