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Smartpayit is now seeking strategic investment partners to develop market opportunities for it's mobile commerce platform. Payment solutions for paper invoices.

Systems are our business that's why our motto is 'Make life simple!' Our goal was to make the mobile payment process as streamlined and secure as possible for both customers and businesses.

The Smartpayit App is fast, it's safe and it's secure. Just scan any invoice or utilities notice containing one of the specially developed Smartpayit QR Codes. The account details will appear on the screen of your mobile device, the amount, what the bill is for and who it is from. Now enter your e-mail address, select your preferred method of payment and press PAY - you're done!

A receipt of each Smartpayit payment is immediately sent back to your email. No clerical intervention is necessary for receipting, banking, payment posting. National and International transactions are instant and reporting is near-real time. Smartpayit easily interfaces with sophisticated accounting systems and is highly refined when compared with other Merchant Facilities currently available.

The team behind Smartpayit has extensive experience building data networks, payment gateways and billing systems. With 35 years experience in both the telecommunications, computer electronics industries Keith Anderson is skilled in writing advanced software, engineering design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. It's Keith's broad range of knowledge and skill that has allowed him to lead a talented team to design and develop Smartpayit - Smartpayit technology has been developed and executed entirely in house.

Smartpayit makes use of the highest level of security and can be used to make purchases and payments from advertisements on television or computer screen, on billboards, in newspapers or any paper invoice. You can even purchase items from vending machines or order and pay for a coffee with your smart phone using Smartpayit.

Our Smartpayit mobile payment solution is currently building on a solid business plan delivering consistent real data results from customers. Due to the increasing global appetite for mobile technology Smartpayit holds enormous potential for rapid growth.

Wherever you are Smartpayit is your mobile on the spot payment solution!

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