Mobile Momentum with Smartpayit.

In sport and business momentum is everything and right now Smartpayit has it. Demand for mobile payments is the reason Smartpayit is achieving both momentum and traction.

Shoalhaven Water has recognised the value of mobile payments and is now making it easier and safer for customers to pay their water accounts. It is all about customer choice. Smartpayit is the best choice as it is by far the safest, easiest, fastest way for managing and paying bills using mobile devices.

The CEO of Smartpayit Keith Anderson has recently been logging many frequent flyer miles within the Asia Pacific region as Smartpayit rolls out into these large and growing markets for mobile.
The mobile payment gateway is already processing a growing list of business clients including City Council water and rate notices across Australia. The Smartpayit App allows customers and their smart phone to take control of everyday bills safely and securely.

"Mobile is the platform of the 21st century, it has already changed our lives in so many ways. Smartpayit is changing the way people approach transactions and we are excited to offer Smartpayit partners and their customers the fastest, safest solution for mobile payments." Said CEO Keith Anderson.

  • Transactions anywhere, anytime, in real time.
  • Automatic integration to back-end accounting without modification.
  • Operational within days - not months.