We saw a need!

Stephanie Deighton is a globetrotting executive based in Dubai UAE. Her Council Rates in Australia had fallen into arrears when the notice went astray in the post. Existing Merchant services presented the dilemma of an estimated delay of up to 7days in effecting payment.

A scanned copy of the Rates Notice, bearing a Smartpayit QR Code, was emailed to her Dubai office. Immediately, using a Smart Phone with the Smartpayit App installed, Stephanie scanned the code from her computer screen and paid the account in just a few seconds. This was an international payment made from a remote location; anywhere, anytime, in real time.

Examination of Councils records next day (after the banks overnight clearance) revealed that Smartpayit had seamlessly interfaced with Councils records including the completion of all back-end accounting. The Bank Statement carried the payment details, a payment acknowledgement had been sent to Stephanies email and the credit payment appeared in her Council debtors ledger. All transactions flowed - end-to-end - without clerical intervention.

Smart people use smart phones!

Safe, fast, elegant and simple to use - Smartpayit is the 21st-century way for managing and paying accounts that gives you and your smart phone control of your bill paying life.

Available now for download from the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android, this beautifully designed App is FREE

It is simply operated by scanning the unique Smartpayit QR Code (which appears on your bill) which then appears on the screen of your smart phone showing the amount, what the bill is for, and who its from. Just enter your e-mail address and credit card number, press pay - and your done!

A receipt of each Smartpayit payment is immediately sent back to your email address. Reporting is delivered in "real time" and adjustments or refunds can be processed quickly - not subject to weeks of delay.

Smartpayit QR Codes are safer and more secure than generic industry codes. The Smartpayit App verifies each Smartpayit QR Code for credibility and trustworthiness, for protection against any "hi-jacking" attempts and cannot reveal usable customer credit card numbers.

Data security is the absolute number one priority for Smartpayit which is why Smartpayit does not hold your credit card numbers, eliminating any risk of theft or misuse. Customer credit card numbers cannot be "hacked" from either a misplaced smart phone or from Smartpayit\'s Merchant Banking Facility.

Smartpayit is the future of Mobile Payment for Busy People!